Sep 102016

Shark Servers
be careful
SharkServers is Scam Company.

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  1. cheap & hiqh quality , thanks

  2. i like their vps , it is very good . Thank you, quite nice article.

  3. i’m using this hosting .

  4. I needed to thank you for this post…

  5. ignore dmca notices ?

  6. good hosting …

    • Thanks for the tip off I was just pondering over sharkservers can not find must on them since 2014 only what they keep posting to trick people in. Again thanks two reviews I have found now – both are BAD reviews. Web hosting seem to be getting worse. Have a good day

  7. I purchased the cheapest plan to try them out. They really limit your password size (no symbols) rending it useless if you need security, they ignored my emails, and didn’t refund my money (requested day two). Fortunately it wasn’t much.

  8. I was a customer of SharkServers for over a year, but had to change hosts due to their lack of customer service, over charges, large spans of downtime.

    Let me summarize:
    – I honestly had to wait more than 7 days to hear back from customer support on multiple occasions even when I selected “high priority.”
    – I was on the plan where I paid each month. I was constantly notified that I had past due invoices even though I had auto-pay on and had proof that I in fact overpaid SharkServers (after 5 inquires over the span of 3 months they never attempted to respond to any of my inquiries about refunding my overpayments). To this day I have had to accept my losses (I’m talking like $60-$70 in overpayments).
    – The final straw was when my sites were down for over 10 hours straight due to a DDoS attack. The customer service was exceptionally rude in this instance. I will attach how SharkServers responded to me when I simply asked them more details of the status.

    Thankfully I switched to a new hosting company and also eventually transferred my domains from them. It took almost 2 weeks and multiple attempts to contact them to get them to help transfer my domains. I could not just leave their service without warning others in good conscious. Please beware of this company.


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